Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Meet Snappy Jack

Do you do the Elf On the Shelf? We do, well this is the first year Colt will actually really understand whats going on! His name is Snappy Jack! I am so excited, he arrived at our house last night...and we read the book before we went to bed! I could hardly wait to see Colts expression in the morning when he woke up to find a North Pole breakfast waiting for him. I saw this idea on Little Pumpkin Grace last year and fell in love with the idea.
How cute is that...I am so excited to see more pictures in her next post! There are a MILLION awesome ideas out there Pintrest is where I have been finding alot of great ideas...

I found all of these super cute ideas from, Beth at Stories of A to Z. Look at this adorable idea, it's probably one of my favorites yet
When her kids went to sleep she painted there noses red! When they woke up they saw this, Colt would LOVE that!  Here is a sneak peak at our breakfast...what made it prefect was it was snowing! I mean come on hoe awesome was that, snow in Georgia in November...I think yes!
Vanilla flavored candy cane milk!
To be continued...

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