Meet the family

First there was me
A God fearing, football watching, list making, horse riding, organizing, vintage loving, country music/bluegrass listing, re-decorating ,DIYer, farm raised, homeschooling, southern wife and mama craftaholic...I am learing new passions of my such a photography, cooking, and making our house a home.

The there was this southern gentleman
Who I first met when I was a wee sixth grader, and met again later on in life...

(yes apparently it was cool to take pictures with your truck)

Then there was us
Who fell in love, and dated 5 years before...

A huge little hitchin'
We were only married almost two years before...

A baby carriage
Sweet little Colt was born. Our first born son, our lifelight...who acts like a "firefighting cowboy", calls me mama, him daddy and tells me he's "busy" alot! Little did he know only 28 months later he'd be a big brother

To another sweet little boy who we like to call Houston. Our always smiling, lover of food, and pacifiers.

Our sweet growing litte family...

These pictures are old and faded, and I think one or two of them are sportin' a little glitter...but they are such precious memories...

This blog is for me to document our familys journey, and all of the crazy adventures that make up our sweet life.

Raising babies, sharing victories, crafting, cooking, adventures in home improvments, homeschooling, and soaking up each and every second of God's precious plan for us. We are truly blessed!

I hope y'all will pull up a seat, sit back and follow along with us on this crazy journey we get to call our life!